Did you know an organization’s team members are the most valuable resource for protecting their network and the first line of defense against a cyberattack?

Cybercriminals are likely to target employees, as they pose the greatest risk of allowing a malicious attack to take place. Furthermore, employees are usually unaware that their actions may be letting malware into an organization’s network. As a result, more and more emphasis has been placed on achieving a positive security culture within the workplace. After all, security awareness is not only an IT issue, it’s an organization-wide concern. It’s critical for employees in any type of workplace environment to be able to recognize cyber threats, protecting other employees and the organization as a whole. Keep reading to learn more about how Beauceron Security can help your organization foster a positive cybersecurity culture and achieve security awareness throughout your workforce.


Security Awareness 101

Simply put, security awareness is one’s knowledge about the potential risks to physical and informational assets and how to mitigate those risks. When people are more knowledgeable about the role they play in protecting such assets, there is less chance of falling for a cyberattack. Some of the most common methods cybercriminals use to gain access to an organization’s assets include phishing emails, fake websites, weak passwords, public Wi-Fi networks and out-of-date software. Beauceron Security can help employees acquire the skillset to identify these attacks, providing security awareness training that’s designed to educate employees on how to protect themselves and the company from these common methods of cyber crime. Beauceron Security helps foster a culture of security by identifying and discouraging risky cyber behaviour while recognizing and promoting positive cyber behaviour.

Fostering a Positive Cybersecurity Culture 

Empowering people to be in control of their technology is the best way to achieve security awareness, which in turn, prevents cyber breaches from occurring. Beauceron Security can help empower and educate your workforce to prioritize cybersecurity in a few key steps. First, implementing a metrics-driven security culture will help your team become more aware of cybersecurity, providing incentives for knowledge-building. This is done through a baseline survey that gauges your employees’ current cybersecurity awareness. Review and update your security policies with your team as necessary. Test your employees’ knowledge to see where they are excelling and where you should provide more education and training. Remember, it’s more powerful to reward and encourage your employees for taking the right steps towards cyber awareness than place focus on their weaknesses.

Methods to Promote Behavioural Change

Beauceron Security offers 3 helpful methods that help create positive behavioural change which further enables greater cybersecurity awareness for organizations.

Personal Risk Score
This allows management to understand and visualize where their employees are in terms of cyber awareness. Simulated phishing emails can be sent out companywide to see if employees correctly identify the risk and report it to your team. The employee’s personal risk score increases or decreases based on the action taken.

Remedial training
For the employees whose personal risk score was negatively impacted as a result of clicking on the phishing email, remedial training can be offered to help increase awareness. Courses and quizzes help employees become more aware of potential cyber threats and help correct risky behaviour.

Turning assigned courses and quizzes into a fun game or using visual elements can make training feel like less of a chore and more like an engaging task that employees can be motivated by. Gamification is a fantastic method that provides essential information to employees in a way that promotes greater cyber awareness.

A great feature of the Beauceron Security cyber awareness program is that by running it out of the box you can meet compliance requirements and see the positive cybersecurity difference in your teams. If you’re looking for a customizable experience, the platform is totally customizable and allows you to leverage custom phishing campaigns, courses, curriculums and more that reflect your corporate culture.

Is Your Company Becoming More Cyber Aware?

After implementing a variety of methods to increase cyber awareness amongst your team, it’s important that you periodically track your progress. On a quarterly basis, or at an interval of your choice Beauceron Security can help your organization run internal cybersecurity campaigns and can measure progress made since the beginning of a campaign. This is why having a metrics-driven security culture is so useful, as it gauges whether your cyber program has helped your company make progress in keeping your data, assets and people safe.
Your company’s cyber awareness evolution should resemble the following three stages:

    1. First, individuals begin to understand why cybersecurity is important to them, and their role. You can measure this through training, percent completion and surveys.
    2. Second, awareness turns into knowledge. A knowledgeable team knows how to identify and respond to threats. In this stage, behaviour starts to change and you can easily measure progress through metrics such as phishing reporting rates.
    3. Third, a robust security culture is achieved as security behaviour becomes a part of roles, processes and procedures within your organization.

Finally, if your employees are voluntarily seeking cybersecurity information beyond what is required in their roles, consider it a job well done!

BrunNet is thrilled to be a vendor of Beauceron Security who takes organizations’ cyber awareness to the next level.

Together, we can help create greater cyber awareness throughout your company, fostering a positive security culture and protecting your data, assets and staff from cyberattacks. With greater cyber awareness comes greater protection for your organization.

To learn more about Beauceron Security’s cyber awareness training and solutions, contact us today.

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