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Copilot 365

Supercharge Your Productivity with Copilot 365 

Welcome to a new era of productivity with Copilot 365, the ultimate AI-powered companion for Microsoft 365 users. Transform the way you work with cutting-edge technology that integrates seamlessly with your day-to-day tasks.

Why Choose Copilot 365? 

Copilot 365 combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph—your calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and more—and the Microsoft 365 apps to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet. It’s like having a personal assistant that’s always ready to help you stay organized and efficient. 

  • For users this means: People feel more energized and fulfilled, and we have more time to focus on what matters most.  
  • For decision makers this means: Energized employees, higher quality output, and stronger organizational performance.    

Comprehensive Services for Seamless Integration

  • AI Advisory Services 

Reimagine your business processes with Microsoft AI. Our AI Advisory Services help you build a transformation strategy around core Microsoft Copilot and/or Azure OpenAI workloads to meet your specific business needs. 

  • Readiness Assessment 

Get a comprehensive readiness assessment to ensure your environment, data governance, security, and policies are Copilot-ready. We’ll identify any gaps and provide actionable recommendations to prepare your IT environment for seamless Copilot integration. 

  • Deployment 

Our team will configure your IT environment for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption. We’ll handle security and compliance configurations and leave you with a solid understanding of how Copilot can be deployed to meet your organization’s unique needs. 

  • Adoption and Change Management 

Accelerate Copilot adoption across your organization. We offer employee training, change management programs, and metrics to measure business impact while exploring new Copilot use cases. 

Grow, Nurture, and Close Deals 

Leverage Copilot 365 to grow, nurture, and close deals in your pipeline. Help your customers unlock productivity and creativity in the apps millions of people use every day across work and life.  

How It Works 

  • Sign Up – Join our community of forward-thinking Microsoft 365 users. 
  • Assessment – Get a personalized readiness and deployment plan. 
  • Implementation – Seamlessly integrate Copilot 365 into your workflow. 
  • Training & Support – Benefit from expert training and ongoing support. 
  • Optimize & Grow – Continuously improve your productivity and drive business growth. 

Ready to Transform Your Productivity? 

Join the ranks of businesses already benefiting from Copilot 365. At BrunNet, we can help you revolutionize your work processes and achieve more with less effort. Reach out to us today to get started with Copilot 365!