Sometimes you can’t see the gaps in your power protection strategy until it’s too late.


Sometimes it’s impossible to see the dangers lurking within your network environment until it’s too late. Yet there’s no gray area when it comes to the risks of an incomplete power management strategy. Power outages and anomalies are responsible for lost revenue, reputation damage, data loss and equipment failure, among other consequences.

BrunNet understands that your No. 1 focus is operating and growing your business, not becoming an expert in power. Yet because always-on power is a vital requirement for any organization, this necessity can’t be overlooked. The host of hazards that threaten today’s uptime requirements — from seasonal storms to cyber criminals — can cause nightmares for any business leader.

When you partner with BrunNet for your power protection needs, you get the support of the entire Eaton team behind us. From engineering and applications expertise to best-in-class products, Eaton owns the playbook for continuous uptime.

We are proud to be part of the winning team, offering a comprehensive range of Eaton uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and other solutions that help protect, organize and manage your IT environment. Additional advantages include:

  • Free power audits to assess your environment (virtual or on site)
  • Award-winning power management software
  • Integration and validation with leading IT manufacturers
  • Industry-leading three-year warranty

As your trusted advisor, BrunNet can help identify and resolve the gaps in your existing power protection strategy. Whether you need to bolster protection, refresh aging equipment or update your overall solution, we offer a comprehensive range of power management solutions designed to safeguard your business against ever-escalating threats.

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