Celebrating BrunNet’s 25th Anniversary and the Evolution of the IT Industry

We are thrilled to announce that BrunNet reached its 25-year anniversary in 2020. In the new year, we have been able to reflect on our business and how far our services and solutions have come with the evolution of the IT industry. From dial-up internet to innovative as-a-service and cloud solutions, and everything in between, we are delighted to share our story in information technology.


The Evolution of BrunNet

BrunNet’s story began in 1995 as the internet service provider (ISP) division of a larger computer reseller, Brunswick Micro Systems (BMS). We spent several years providing internet access and web hosting to our clients across New Brunswick in the early days of dial-up internet. Trying to expand our services into new cities was difficult back then as expansion required modem banks to be installed in every location to provide local dial tone. We overcame this expansion barrier by pursuing an innovative solution. We partnered with a regional funeral home operator that was willing to house our dial-up equipment in the basement of several of their locations so that we could provide the most accessible access to our widespread clients. We did what we had to do! Reflecting on this solution, it really goes to show how far the IT industry has come.

In 1998, BMS was sold and BrunNet began operating as its own independent entity. Then in 2003, the ISP business was sold to Bell Aliant. With only two employees at this point, it felt like we were starting from scratch again. At this time, we shifted our focus back to our BMS roots of being a value-added reseller, providing IT hardware and software, and related support for our clients. Our target market consisted of serving small businesses, education and government agencies. We continued to evolve over the years and have never been reluctant to pivot our focus to keep up with our customers ever-changing business requirements. The most significant transition we have undertaken has been over the last five years, as we have evolved from being a value-added reseller to a managed service provider. As information technology has changed from being a “nice to have” to an essential piece of all business operations, the support requirements of our customers have grown exponentially. As a result, our managed services offerings now allow us to be the IT department for many of our customers. From desktop support, to help desk, IT security, and software solutions, we’ve created a one-stop-shop for our customers. This expansion in service offerings has led to the growth of our team to over 20 people, providing innovative IT solutions for clients across Atlantic Canada.

BrunNet’s Milestones & Achievements

In 2014, BrunNet won the award for Fastest Growing Reseller in Canada from HP and in 2017, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce recognized BrunNet as Small Business of the Year.  For the past five years, BrunNet has been named A Top 100 Canadian Solution Provider. BrunNet is the only company based in the Maritime provinces to earn recognition and make this list. Much of BrunNet’s success can be attributed to the rapid growth in the IT industry and our need to stay on top of emerging trends. Not to mention our small but mighty team of tech experts who are always eager to learn and do more for our clients. Our dedication to the industry continues to help BrunNet earn such distinguished awards and achieve our company milestones.

The Ever-Evolving IT Industry

Over the course of our business, we have watched the IT industry change how the world operates. BrunNet started by providing dial-up internet access and selling business computers. Back then, computers were simply regarded as a tool that helped reach an end goal. Over time, information technology has become so much more than that, it is essential to just about every business’ operation. Computers and related technology are so tightly integrated into businesses that they’re considered a necessity.

Most recently, we have seen a huge focus surrounding IT security. In the beginning, people didn’t think they were at risk for cyber breaches and attacks unless they were a large corporation. Now, even small local businesses find themselves at risk for a cyber-attack. With an increase of such sensitive data and information being shared and stored online, it truly doesn’t matter what size of business you are, everyone is at risk. As a small company ourselves, we have put a lot of focus on ramping up our skills and security practices, not only to protect our business but to help our customers do the same.

BrunNet’s Future in the IT Industry

BrunNet’s core strength is our ability to be super adaptable and flexible with the services we provide. We will continue to evolve with the IT industry in order to serve our customers in the best way we can. Looking at the future of the IT industry, the internet of things (IoT) is bound to create new business opportunities, but also another huge security risk. For instance, high-tech kiosks, appliances, thermostats and other sensors are becoming increasingly popular among new smart buildings. These products are considered soft targets, which are conducive to cyber breaches. Although they provide innovative solutions and convenience, security risks will only increase with the evolution of such products. We rely on leading IT industry experts such as HP, Lenovo, WatchGuard and Microsoft, to help educate our team on emerging IT trends so we can best serve and protect our clients. BrunNet will continue to adapt to trends in the IT industry and expand our service offerings as needed. 

With much thanks to our customers, partners, staff and leaders in the IT industry, we are excited and proud to have reached our 25-year anniversary. BrunNet’s role in the IT industry has come a long way since 1995, and our growth will surely continue to evolve. Here’s to many more years of being A Top 100 Canadian Solution Provider!