Digital Boost

Take a leap into your digital transformation journey

Digital Boost: Take a leap into your digital transformation journey

Are you struggling with digitizing your businesses’ strategy and operations? BrunNet is here to help you take a leap into your digital transformation journey.

Digital Boost 2.0 is an initiative helping New Brunswick companies remain competitive and innovative in our increasingly digitized world. As a qualified partner of TechImpact’s Digital Boost program, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you create and execute your digital strategy. 

We lead you through each phase of your digital transformation journey, including; conducting a detailed assessment of the current state of your technology, interviewing key stakeholders to review company strategy, vision, and initiatives, identifying issues and making recommendations for improvements, assigning a priority and suggested time frame for the proposed recommendations, and developing strategies for implementation and managing the change.

We are also experts in cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and IT consulting and have experience across several sectors, including; manufacturing, information and communications technology (ICT), food and beverage, life sciences, hospitality, and energy.

BrunNet is constantly striving to bolster New Brunswick’s digital landscape. By working with eligible Digital Boost applicants, we hope to create a better digital experience for businesses and further promote innovation in our region. Having a well-defined Digital Strategy is imperative to accelerate business goals and mitigate risks.

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Whether you’re interested, eligible, or both, contact BrunNet today to learn more about Digital Boost 2.0 and get started on your digital transformation journey today.

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