When most people think of Microsoft Teams, they think of it as a messaging app or a way to video chat with co-workers. And while those are both accurate descriptions of what Microsoft Teams can do, they only scratch the surface of this incredibly powerful work productivity tool. When it comes to team collaboration tools, there are few that can boast the features and benefits of Microsoft Teams. In many ways, it’s a one-stop shop for all your team’s communication and productivity needs. But what makes Microsoft Teams really stand out is its ability to integrate with other Microsoft 365 products to streamline day-to-day tasks.  

Here’s a closer look at how Microsoft Teams can benefit your team in ways that you may not have even considered. 

Microsoft Teams is More Than Just a Chat Tool 

While chat is certainly one of the key features of Microsoft Teams, it’s far from the only thing it can do. In fact, Microsoft Teams can be used for video conferencing, file sharing, and even project management. That means you can use it for everything from catching up with team members who are out of the office to collaborating on complex projects in real-time. And because it’s integrated with other Microsoft 365 products, you can do all of this without ever having to leave the app. 


Improved Communication and Productivity 

Because Microsoft Teams gives you everything you need in one place, it can help improve communication and productivity within your team. There’s no need to switch between different apps or search through endless email chains to find the information you need. Since all of your team’s conversations are searchable, you can quickly find past discussions on any topic without having to dig through old chat logs. This makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page, which can help reduce misunderstandings and improve overall communication. 


Enhanced Collaboration Across Departments 

Microsoft Teams also makes it easy to collaborate with people outside of your immediate team. With its SharePoint integration, you can easily share files and documents with people in other departments or even other organizations. Additionally, because SharePoint is also integrated with OneDrive, you can easily access files from anywhere—which is ideal for teams that are spread out across different locations. This enhanced collaboration can help break down silos between departments and make it easier to get work done. 

Four Tips for Making the Most out of Microsoft Teams 

1. Get organized with channels  

Channels are like virtual chat rooms that you can use to organize conversations by topic. For example, you might create a channel for each project you’re working on or for each department in your company. Channels make it easy to find the right people and information when you need it.  

2. Turn on notifications  

To make sure you never miss an important message, turn on notifications for the channels you want to follow. That way, you’ll get a notification every time someone posts something new on a channel. You can also set up notifications for people or keyword mentions so you always know when someone is trying to reach you.  

3. Schedule video meetings

With Microsoft Teams, it’s easy to schedule video meetings with your team members—regardless of where they are in the world. Just click on the “meetings” tab and select “new meeting.” You can also join an existing meeting or view your upcoming meetings from this tab.  

4. Use keyboard shortcuts  

Microsoft Teams comes with a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can help boost your productivity. For example, press “alt + n” to create a new chat or “alt + p” to start a video call. To see a full list of keyboard shortcuts, just press “ctrl + /” (Windows) or “cmd + /” (Mac) while in the app. 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of benefits for teams of all sizes. From improved communication and productivity to enhanced collaboration across departments, Microsoft Teams can help take your team to the next level. If you’re not already using Microsoft Teams, our team at BrunNet can get your business seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, with no downtime required. Contact us today to get started with this versatile and efficient tool!