BrunNet: Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

Are you constantly fretting over maintaining your company’s IT structure, while trying to juggle all of the other components of your business? As technology continues to advance and cyber threats increase, it will only continue to get harder to protect your company’s assets. Outsourcing your IT systems to a managed services provider may be the resource you need to streamline your procedures and ensure your cybersecurity!



Investing in BrunNet’s Managed Services

BrunNet’s Managed Service Provider offering allows our team to take control of your entire IT environment and allows you to focus on running your business. BrunNet becomes the expert, we ensure your technology needs are met by using IT to strategically achieve your business goals. Furthermore, we ensure productivity is guaranteed through technology innovation, best practices, vendor relationships, SLA’s (Service Level Agreements), and 24×7 support.

Additionally, investing in BrunNet’s Managed IT Services can lead to considerable savings. Having a full-time technician on staff, or an entire internal IT department has significant costs associated with it. With a managed service provider such as BrunNet, consistent service is provided without the additional costs associated with maintaining key personnel. A “cost-per-seat” model that BrunNet offers can be negotiated with a customer prior to implementation. This allows managed IT services to become a stable entity that can be easily tracked and understood.

Establish Cyber Security with BrunNet’s Managed Services

Cyber Security has become an important focus in the SMB (small and medium-size business) space in the last couple of years. BrunNet has partnered with CyberNB to help our SMB customers through obtaining cyber security certifications by eliminating security gaps in the environment and following best practices. This helps with reducing data breaches, malware infections, phishing emails, etc. Investing in managed IT services allows us to work with customers in adopting automation tools for security checks, using analytics to perform threat analysis, and helping customers achieve their required compliance (CyberSecure Canada, PIPEDA, PCI-DSS, DFARS, etc.).

BrunNet’s Managed IT Service Offerings

First, BrunNet offers a ​vulnerability assessment ​for your network to identify issues. This allows us to take proactive steps to protect your data. Some of the more popular services we offer are in the ​Microsoft 365 ecosystem​, such as Hosted Exchange email, Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and more available through our CSP (Cloud Service Provider) program. Additionally, our Cloud Services offerings from ​Microsoft Azure​ have become very popular with anyone looking to move infrastructure from an on-premise solution, or a hybrid environment.

BrunNet’s full list of Managed Services includes:

  • Help Desk
  • Remote Monitoring & Management of systems, printers and, network
  • Managed Cloud Backups
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Hardware Support
  • Software & License Management
  • Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Technical Consulting
  • Managed Print Services
  • Vendor Management


BrunNet strives to be your trusted IT partner to help you prioritize your focus on your core business competencies. Investing in our managed IT services can lead to an increase in efficiency, ensure your cybersecurity, and result in cost savings for your business. Contact us today for more information about our managed services offerings.