BrunNet’s Cloud Solutions: Why your SME should consider going cloud-based

Is your organization having a hard time staying in touch, keeping things organized, productive, and maintaining cybersecurity? It might be time for your SME to consider going cloud-based. Cloud computing is an innovative IT resource that optimizes the delivery of computing services over the internet. With cloud computing, your SME can access its servers and programs anywhere there is a reliable internet connection. The ease of accessibility with cloud solutions has especially proven its importance in the significant shift in organizations working from home in 2020. BrunNet offers innovative cloud computing solutions for organizations seeking optimization of security, efficiency and flexibility, productivity and collaboration, reliability, and cost savings. 

We’ve put together a helpful list to help you understand the benefits of your SME going cloud-based.



1. Cost Savings

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of going cloud-based is cost-efficiency. Owning IT infrastructure is a significant expense for organizations, especially SME’s. Cloud computing providers store and maintain data for you, eliminating the time, money, and expertise needed for running and maintaining private infrastructure. Investing in cloud computing is much more manageable for SME’s, with a typical monthly or annual fee that is affordable and predictable.

2. Improved Cybersecurity


With cloud computing, data is centralized and therefore considerably easier to secure compared to traditional databases where information is stored sporadically across different devices. Furthermore, cloud service providers offer a set of policies, technologies, and controls pertinent to your SME to help strengthen and secure your data from potential threats. 

3. Efficient & Flexible 

The onboarding process for new employees within SME’s is much more refined with the use of cloud solutions. All you need to start working is a secure login to gain access to the cloud network. This is much more efficient than traditionally requiring the set-up of new users on company-owned devices. Moreover, employees can access their organization’s cloud network from anywhere, at any time. Whether users are working in the office, from home, a cafe, the library, etc., flexible operations are especially important in the current state of corporate environments.

4. Productivity & Collaboration

The cloud servers used to centrally store data are superior in performance, allowing SME’s to streamline procedures and experience more productivity. With application consolidation among the cloud, communication and information is organized and users have simultaneous access. SME’s can experience an increase in collaboration, productivity, and therefore performance with the use of cloud computing. 

5. Reliability


For any organization, it’s important to have a disaster recovery plan. Cloud computing makes it easy to restore data if for some reason lost. Cloud-based data back-ups and recovery is less time consuming and costly as data can be easily mirrored throughout multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network. SME’s don’t have to worry about unforeseeable downtime if they are operating with cloud solutions. 

Cloud computing is on an inherent rise around the globe, for good reason. Cloud-based solutions are cost-effective for SME’s and enable efficiency and flexibility not offered by traditional IT infrastructure. Organizations can benefit from a reliable and secure database while improving internal productivity and overall performance. BrunNet offers cloud-based solutions tailored to meet the needs of your SME. 

If you’re compelled to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, contact BrunNet today to discover the best cloud-based productivity suite for your business.