Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft 365 Business Voice

The importance of clear and consistent communication has become increasingly apparent over the past year. As organizations shifted operations to working from home, remote teams were left in limbo trying to adjust their means of effective communication. After all, it can be hard to get your point across via keyboard. Voice and video calls are the closest things to being in the office with your team, but how can your business alter this for remote work if bound by a central landline? Luckily, Microsoft 365 has an impressive collaboration tool to help organizations replace their aging telephony hardware and streamline remote communications. Introducing Microsoft Business Voice.


What is Microsoft 365 Business-Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern calling solution to help keep your remote teams in touch! Business Voice is a cloud-powered phone system unified into Microsoft Teams communications. To complement the Microsoft Teams meeting and chat features, Business Voice extends your communications to include calling, all powered through a single app. Business Voice enables users to make, receive, and transfer phone calls from landlines and mobile phones on a public network through Microsoft Teams.

Business Voice is intended for small to medium-sized businesses seeking a modernized phone system, and who are already using Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include Teams.

Business Voice and Video Calling Features:

  • Microsoft Calling Plans will procure and assign phone numbers across 18 countries. 
  • Auto Attendant allows you to answer inbound calls and route them to the appropriate queues with a cloud-based phone system. You can set parameters to route your calls by time zone, language, and availability.
  • Contact Center Integration will connect your favourite or most frequented contact center software.
  • Cloud Voicemail allows you to access voicemail messages and transcriptions from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Microsoft Teams-Certified Devices offers a consistent experience for your entire remote team on any personal and shared devices. 
  • Call Queues allows you to customize your greetings, play music for customers waiting on hold, and set up shared voicemail.
  • Cloud Compliance Recording provides the ability to easily connect to partner compliance recording solutions.
  • Direct Routing allows you to use your existing telecommunications providers by directly connecting their Sessions Initiation Protocol trunks to Microsoft Teams
  • Audio Conferencing is a feature that allows you to add flexibility to meetings with a dial-in number, which is included in every online meeting. 

Customizing Microsoft Business Voice for your Organization:

First thing’s first, the most efficient way to set up your Microsoft Business Voice is by using the “Getting Started Wizard”. Small businesses can be activated within a few minutes using this tool. If you are a larger business with an established telephone solution, a few members of your team can be set up with a Business Voice pilot to ease into the adjustment of your new software. You can begin using Microsoft Business Voice as soon as the Getting Started Wizard is complete, though there are some administrative customization options you can make to optimize your user experience.

  • There’s no need or hassle to get a new number for Microsoft Teams. Simply move your existing phone number(s) to Business Voice so that you can begin receiving phone calls on the platform.
  • Business Voice allows you to set up call queues that prompt users to wait for the next available agent so that you don’t miss any important phone calls.
  • Add more call menus to your main phone number by setting up auto attendants. This will be efficient for callers who reach your main phone line by delegating the call to the appropriate phone number.  
  • As an administrator, you can set up calling policies to have some control over users. This allows you to decide who can make private calls, use call forwarding, and delegate phone calls. 
  • Create additional users among your team and assign new or existing phone numbers to their contact.

Adding Business Voice to your Microsoft 365 subscription is a no brainer for small-to-medium-sized organizations.

Your remote teams will be able to stay connected with one single phone number. Furthermore, Business Voice is extremely user-friendly, and everyone on your team will get a consistent experience across their various devices. This alleviates most technical difficulties that could be experienced from remote work by streamlining your communications on one familiar app. With Business Voice, you and your team and/or customers don’t have to worry about phone lines going down or interruption to service as the enterprise-grade phone system is delivered through Microsoft’s trusted cloud. The list of benefits goes on!

Are you ready to streamline your remote communication with a modern calling solution? Contact BrunNet today to get your remote team connected with Microsoft 365 Business Voice.